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Birthday with Teddy Bear Mascot | Maskot Teddy

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We are really really having fun with little princess birthday party @ Kiddomo in Starling Mall, Petaling Jaya. This is a beautiful birthday party ! We appreciate for the chance to sharing a lot of happiness memories and the most unforgettable moment with all of you.

Kiddomo Universe – Future Playland , this is a latest interactive technology play-land , this is really good for the children mental and physical development. Kiddomo Universe is well to calls itself  “the major innovative play-land especially designed to bring out your imagination to real life like never before.”

Spacious area for children and parent letting us feel more comfortable and relax. For us, the Mascot performance is the best, as we will feel more easy to move a round within the play land, this is fantastic !


The Birthday Party is Full of happy, kids are excited for Teddy Mascot to play around with them. Teddy Mascot also ACT as an Assistant to the teacher during the free courses in Kiddomo Playland in the birthday party. This make the whole learning become more fun and entertaining ! Our task and mission mascot on the day is all fulfilled and we feel like a caring angel to all these beautiful little one !

Sewa Maskot Malaysia

Sewa Maskot Malaysia

Make your party more meaningful and happy ! Contact us Now for the latest package ! Rental Mascot | Sewa Maskot | Hire Mascot | Upahkan Maskot | CALL +6012-2908552 


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Maskot Minions ATTACK ! Mascot Minions BaBanana

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Very much thank you for our client to hire us as the mascot provider for their new development property launching event ! We are very happy to present our mascot minion and bringing a lot of fun during the launching event.

All our mascot are well maintain and we will proceed cleaning and sterilize before deliver to our client. This is to make sure our client to get a clean, good conditions and safe to use the mascot. We care for our client safety and comfortable while using our mascot.

As a appreciation to our customer, we are now offering free delivery within klang valley area in Malaysia for rental mascot and hire mascot within 31 January 2019

Dengan sukacita dan banyak terima kasih kepada para pelanggan kami yang mengupahkan maskot kami sabagai pemain maskot utama bagi projek perlancaran hartanah baru di Selangor. Kami banyak menghargai atas kerjasama dan menjalankan pertunjukan yang membawakan riang riang pada tetamu tetamu yang hadir.

Semua maskot kami adalah kekalkan jaganya dalam bentuk yang sebaik sekali, jadual maintenance adalah diutamakan bagi pelanggan kami boleh dapatkan maskot yang bersih dan dalam keadaan yang baik.

Untuk memenuhi keperluan para pelanggan, dan sebagai penghargaan pada pelanggan kami yang disayangi, semua maskot yang disewa ataupun diupah untuk event, penghantaran dalam locasi Klang Valley adalah percuma sebelum 31 January 2019.

For Mascot Hiring inquiry  |  Untuk mengupah Maskot Kami

Please contact us  |   Sila Menghubungi Kami

@ 012-2908552 or

For Custom Made Mascot |  Tempah Buat Maskot

Sila Email -kan gamabr atau design kepada kami 

We will react to you as soon as possible we can.


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