With over 12years of experience in producing conventional mascot, we been keep looking for quality and effective way to produce easy to use and long lasting mascot for our customers, to reduce customer maintenance cost over and over again, we have found a solution to produce higher quality mascot with advance of technology over the years. Every single mscot are unique and they suppose to be tough and could let us fully utilize the mascot to achieve greatest return of the marketing strategic investment.

Now, we could made our produced mascot to more in higher details figures, higher strength to maintain overall, lighter the weight to make talent crews easy  to wear and perform, lower down customer maintenance cost and extended usage timeline and even more benefits to storage and transfer.

We been produced a lot of corporate mascots, animations mascots and themepark mascot, in a great returns of good reviews for the quality type of mascot in a long run.

Every single cost to be use with its value, cheers for the achivement of new mile stone of Mascot World Malaysia. We do every steps to find out better solutions for each different type of design, we are love to share our experience and provide objective suggestion to better solve your concern to own your very unique mascot.

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mascot malaysia